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Mewah Thai White Rice 5Kg

Mewah Thai White Rice 5Kg

Firm in texture and generous in volume once cooked, Thai White Rice is most bountifully cultivated in the beautiful paddy fields in Thailand and consumed by the vast majority of today's world population. Our MEWAH White Rice is specially sourced from premium-grade long-grains. It is well known for its versatility and unique cooking characteristics and enjoyed by all ages. 


Here are some great benefits of including MEWAH White Rice into your everyday healthy diet:

  • Essentially fat free and cholesterol free
  • Gluten free with minerals such as Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A and C
  • Daily source of Fiber, Protein and Carbohydrates
  • Tender and moist, with a soft and fluffy texture
  • Can absorb and hold flavours well for tasty dish
  • Ideal for daily dishes, local and international 


Recommendation: Please keep rice in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness


Cooking Recommendations:
1. Pour 2 cups of rice into inner pot and rinse the rice.
2. Add 2 cups of water for 2 cups of rice. 
3. Add 1 teapoon of salt (optional).
4. Place the rice into the rice cooker and switch it on.
5. Do not lift the cover or stir while the rice is still cooking.
6. Once cooked, fluff the rice with a fork, then serve.

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