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6 Myths About Rice !

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Many states Malaysia have rice as staple food. In fact, rice is widely consumed in most parts of the world. Rice has an incredibly long history (with documentation of people eating it as early as 3000 B.C.) = That’s more than 5000 years ago! Rice is grown on every continent except Antarctica. Rice is adaptable, easy to grow, and it has a very high yield, making it a terrific crop to grow anywhere and feed a large population. Just one seed of rice will result in over 3,000 grains. Asia alone both produces and consumes 90% of the world’s rice. More than 95% of Malaysian eat rice every single day!

But there are a number of myths attached with rice which make it difficult for people to consume rice without apprehensions. People have had many doubts about rice…

Myth 1: Rice contains gluten.

It is a very popular myth that rice has gluten. But the fact remains that rice is gluten-free and does not cause allergies which are associated with other grains. Foods which have high gluten are considered to be unsafe for people with diabetes and those who are on a weight loss regime.

Myth 2: Rice is fattening.

This myth is probably the reason why the trending fad diets today do not include rice consumption at all. However, this is not true. Rice is easy to digest, is low in fat and is also cholesterol free. It contains carbs and is thus a good source of energy. Just remember, you need energy to lose weight!

Myth 3: Rice has no protein.

Do you know that protein is the second most abundant nutrient in rice. 1 cup of rice contains around 3-4 gms of protein. This amount is high as compared to other grains.

Myth 4: Rice has high salt.

This is just a myth. Sodium content in rice is quite low.

Myth 5: Eating rice for dinner makes you fat.

The fact is that rice is easy to digest and is helpful in improving quality of sleep. Just don’t overeat!

Myth 6: Rice is difficult to digest

Exactly the opposite of this myth is actually true. Enzymes which are secreted in the human digestive tract are good at digesting rice. Rice is a prebiotic, which is a food for probiotic. Rice can help in having a strong gut and helps in keeping constipation at bay.

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