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Mewah Sarawak Black Rice 1Kg

Mewah Sarawak Black Rice 1Kg

Mewah Sarawak Black Rice (also knows as Sarawak Bajong Black Rice) is planted by the traditional paddy farmers from Lubok Nibong at Betong Division of Sarawak. It provides comprehensive nutrients to meet your body's daily requirements and perfect for your family. Exotic dark purple to blackish colour, fragrant aroma with chewy texture, high in energy and low in calories, it is perfect for your family. Suitable for the health conscious community, Mewah Sarawak Black Rice is well-known to be a natural superfood with various health benefits.


Here are some great benefits of including MEWAH Sarawak Black Rice into your everyday healthy diet:

  • High content of Anthocyanin antioxidant
  • Gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free, low in fats and healthy whole grain
  • Low Glycemic Index for stable, longer lasting energy level (Helps in lowering the impact of raised glucose level and against diabetes)
  • Daily source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4 and E
  • Gluten free with minerals such as Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus and Sodium and Magnesium
  • Daily source of Fiber, Protein and Carbohydrates
  • Delicious roasted nutty taste and chewy texture with a faint of earthy aroma
  • Can absorb and hold flavours well for tasty dish
  • Ideal for daily dishes, local and international


Recommendation: Please keep rice in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness


Cooking Recommendations:
1. Pour 2 cups of rice into inner pot and rinse the rice.
2. Add 2.5 cups of water for 2 cups of rice. 
3. Add 1 teapoon of salt (optional).
4. Place the rice into the rice cooker and switch it on.
5. Do not lift the cover or stir while the rice is still cooking.
6. Once cooked, fluff the rice with a fork, then serve.

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